Brake fluid types

Brake fluid types

Brake fluid types

Brake liquid performance

  • DOT 3 brake liquid

    DOT 3 brake liquids are typically glycol ether based, however that is not how they are required to be. Truth be told, FMVSS116 doesn't exact the concoction arrangement of brake liquids. It essentially manages the liquid physical properties. In any case, brake liquid industry has, by accord, announced that glycol ether liquids are the most practical approach to meet the necessities.

  • DOT 4 brake liquids

    DOT 4 brake liquids are additionally glycol ether based however they contain moreover borate esters with a specific end goal to enhance a few properties including expanded dry and wet breaking points. k 4 DOT 4 brake liquids have more steady and higher breaking point amid the early divide of their life, however humorously once the liquid does really start to ingest water its breaking point will commonly tumble off more quickly than a run of the mill DOT 3 brake liquid. By FMVSS116 measures, DOT 4 brake liquids must have a base dry breaking point of 230°C and a base wet breaking point of 155°C.

  • DOT 5.1 brake liquids

    Verifiably, DOT 5-level execution (particularly breaking points and consistency) must be accomplished with silicone-based liquids. However, advanced syntheses have made glycol ether-based liquids which now meet DOT 5 brake liquids prerequisites in these key ranges. Consequently, the DOT 5.1 brake liquids level was made to separate these two altogether different chemistries which both meet DOT 5 brake liquids performance requirements.

    In such a large number of words, DOT 5.1 brake liquids are essentially DOT 4-sort brake liquids which meet DOT 5 brake liquids requirements. They commonly can be blended with DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake liquids without concern. In some cases, they are even alluded to as 'DOT 4 Plus' or 'Super DOT 4' brake liquids since they are more like an ordinary DOT 4 liquid by science than they are to a customary DOT 5 brake liquid. Indeed, DOT 5.1 is basically included borate esters.

  • DOT 5 brake liquids

    DOT 5 brake liquids have been created for military applications, i.e. for vehicles that could remain away for a considerable length of time, without upkeep and needed to perform promptly when required. They are unrivaled as far as breaking point maintenance and erosion/preservation properties, since they don't ingest water. Up to now auto producers have not moved to utilize silicone liquids for first fill customary autos for two fundamental reasons:

    • Low air dissolvability, which prompts a springy brake pedal feel.
    • No water solubility, moisture which enters in the system can be destructive and can solidify at low temperatures or bubble at high temperatures.


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