How motor oil works


Today, we will take you off camera and uncover a portion of the privileged insights of Total greases.

Thanks to their performance, Total lubricants remove impurities, protect from wear and corrosion, act as sealing agents and reduce temperature, making for greater output. Lubricants limit friction by facilitating the free movement of multiple-mechanical parts that come into contact with each other.

Truth be told, Total lubricants alone record for up to 35 % of the motor cooling capacity.

For over 100 years now, Total Lubricants has been improving to amplify the lifecycle of your motor by shielding it from wear and erosion, to diminish fuel utilization on account of a devoted Fuel Economy extend and to enhance vehicle upkeep costs, through less continuous oil changes.

By utilizing Total lubricants  you are taking great consideration of all the vehicle's key mechanical focuses - motor, transmission, brakes, boxes and axles

… And perform under the hardest working conditions…

... for each business sector fragment: from two-wheeled light vehicles to transport, development, farming gear, boring and mining activities, relaxation, waterways and fishing.

The Total Lubricant range was initially developed for racing and benefits from cutting-edge research. Developed in close cooperation with our automotive partners, they are constantly devolving and increasingly innovative!

Our oils are affirmed and suggested by an extensive number of vehicle producers and are suited to every one of their vehicles. For the present and later on, Total Lubricants are focused on building up a scope of items that consent to ecological guidelines, are vitality productive and lessen outflows of CO2.

Our execution is measured on race tracks the world over however headed to higher principles consistently by you.


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