2015, the year we expected

2015, the year we expected?


Dear colleagues,

The end of the years is, as usual, a rush hour. As Christmas holidays approach, everybody wants to finalise its reports, projects or balance sheets and leave the office free of spirit. It's been a year full of projects and major events, but all in all, 2015 was particularly positive for TOTAL Romania. You've probably also felt that we got back on our feet after several difficult years.

In terms of sales, we recorded significant achievements as compared to 2014. But, whereas we are concluding the year where we wanted to be, the first semester was rather disappointing.

In terms of investments, the installation of the new packaging line commissioned in September improved performances and facilitated technicians' work. This new capacity will certainly enable us to address a higher demand on small packages and further develop our export sales in 2016. Investments made in Ozun depot allow the facility to reach acceptable standards, operate safely and improve its performances.

TOTAL Romania celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. In September, we were pleased to welcome in Brasov over 150 clients, partners and, as guests of honour, Philippe Charleux and Jean-Louis Bonenfant. This remarkable event made our professionalism and commitment to quality better known to our customers. Moreover, this event had a commendable coverage in the local media and specialised press, a first PR experience for TOTAL Romania.

The two marketing campaigns also made TOTAL visible. One TV campaign in spring, with the new Robot film, and a digital campaign in autumn, with a massive radio support, have given great echoes. A new notoriety survey is being launched and will certainly give us a good picture of our progress.

Financial reports show good operational results for 2015, but still insufficient. We still need to improve our profitability. Step by step, we are becoming prepared to reach our future targets. 2016 should be a year keeping the same dynamics as and I count on each one of you to achieve it.

Be proud of your work and fully enjoy your holidays, in a warm atmosphere with your beloved ones; I know how they are important for you. Please receive my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year for all of you and your families!


Franck Haëttel

Managing Director