Innovation as lifestyle

Innovation as lifestyle


Innovation happens every day and anybody can contribute to it even though to some of you it may seem hard to imagine. Within TOTAL Romania, we believe that small acts can lead to important savings in terms of money and time.

Earlier this year, we asked our plastic containers’ supplier to replace the euro pallets with industrial pallets, the standard for delivering to our clients. This simple change significantly reduced loading and unloading operations and saved us from wasting pallets. This is an example of internal innovation that generated 12 000 dollars savings this year and greatly facilitated the work of our forklifts drivers who saved an hour for each unloaded truck, which means an average of 128 hours per year.

This good practice was presented among another three achievements of TOTAL Romania during the quarterly ENCO Innovation meeting - Meet'INN - held late September in Vienna. Luiza Popa, marketing and communication manager, and Bogdan Dumitrescu, investment manager, are our Innovation correspondents and represented us at this occasion. „Our role is to encourage employees to share their ideas to solve problems in day to day activities, explains Bogdan Dumitrescu. Too often they are afraid or ashamed to do it, and that’s a pity.”

Lately, two events held during the group’s innovation week marked a turning point for our teams. On November 16, several employees of the Cristian plant were invited to play Play'INN, a board game designed to develop the spirit of innovation. The next day, another group participated to Conf'INN, a conference on innovation, which was held by Luiza Popa and Bogdan Dumitrescu, in an anticafe in Brasov. "The idea is not to reinvent the wheel but to make our work easier, said Luiza Popa. The best ideas do not come necessarily from top management, although we tend to think the contrary."

TOTAL Group wants to develop innovation as work philosophy. For this, it sets clear objectives that TOTAL Romania has to assume in 2016. The first is to report and implement at least four innovations per year and to duplicate other three already implemented in other affiliates. The second is that all employees should be familiarised with innovation through Play'INN or Conf'INN and 20% of the staff will have to follow a special training on Innovation or reach the third level of Play'INN.

But as we said earlier, Innovation is every day and any new idea counts.

Luiza Popa

Marketing & Communication Manager

Bogdan Dumitrescu

Investments & Plant Upgrade Manager