Quartz Robot, seen by 7 million people on the Internet

Quartz Robot, seen by 7 million people on the Internet


After the summer TV campaign, Quartz Robot became a popular character in Romania on the Internet and on Romanian radio stations. He gained its popularity due to a contest organised by TOTAL that offered a Nissan Qashqai as the first prize.

The campaign named "Total Quartz rewards the will to performance" was held from October 5th to November 13th. More than 7.3 million people have seen it on the Internet for 68,209,443 times. In other words, every person (from those 7.3 mil.) has seen a campaign material at least 9 times. On the competition’s website, www.totalquartz.ro, we reached a total of 111,116 clicks, 72.977 active sessions and 191.968 content views.

The Digital channels with the best outcome were: Google (Display Network + Search), Facebook Ads and Song (Native Ads Network), Gameloft Mobile Games (special web banners), Mediafax.ro, Autovit.ro (standard banners), Yahoo, Song (Native ads Network), Facebook (native Ads), stirileprotv.ro.

The radio campaign, our second major media channel, only aimed to promote the competition itself, creating at the same time brand awareness. Stations such as Kiss FM, Magic FM and Rock FM broadcasted our campaign at a national level. These radios have facilitated our access to an enlarged target audience (18 to 55 years old men, car owners, purchase decision makers). 1450 spots have been broadcasted and distributed as follows: Kiss FM – 580 times, Magic FM – 580 times, Rock FM – 290 times.

The contest was conducted on two levels. In the first case, participants had to buy a TOTAL Quartz promotional product and register it in a draw held on November 17. The prizes consisted in a Nissan Qashqai car and three Mini iPad tablets. We recorded 3,894 entries, out of which 92% were made ​​via SMS and 8% via an online form on our website. The second level of the competition took the form of a quiz that could be played directly on the Internet, without further obligation. We recorded 2,733 registrations and offered 200 TOTAL Quartz products.

Combined with this B2C campaign, our business partners have not been forgotten. The shop attendants that sold the four winning products have been rewarded with an iPad Mini tablet for their engagement in our Commercial Department activities. The distributors were also motivated by special offer on TOTAL lubricants for full pallet and full truck orders, and a lot of marketing materials were distributed on each POS.

Luiza Popa

Director de Marketing și Comunicare

Marketing and Communication Manager