Safety for me, for you, for all

Safety for me, for you, for all


At TOTAL Romania, safety concerns all of us. Contest ''For me, for you, for all'' awards the most relevant contributions to improving safety at the workplace and environmental protection.

Repair the truck scales ramp climb to avoid the risk of accident when drivers get around their truck, install a ventilation pipe and one overflow on the tank of fuel needed for current consumption or place a stop button emergency for the new packaging lines to reduce the risk of accidents: these are some examples of potential risks of accident reported from our two sites.

For the third consecutive year, the idea of the contest ''For me, for you, for all'' is to encourage employees to report safety, health and environment observations on our sites such as near misses, anomalies or suggestions to improve workflow.

This year is the first year of this contest for our Ozun colleagues, they were very receptive and have signalised many nonconformities. They perfectly integrated the fact that to improve safety at our site, they have to be actors and there are still many issues that have to be treated with extreme care.

It should be noted that the awards have been also motivating. The competition ended with the award ceremony which took place in a friendly atmosphere at the year-end party in Halchiu. Here are the results of the contest 2015:


Individual Awards

First Place, 200 Euro: PASTOR MANOLE - 580 points

Second Place, 100 Euro: KOREH JANOS - 570 points

Third Place, 50 Euros: CORE GYORGY - 530 points


Individual Awards

First Place, a City break in a European capital: ANTOCHI IOSIF - 1640 points

Second Place, a tablet: CIORPAC ADRIAN - 1000 points

Third Place, a camera: BOGATI GEZA - 670 points

Team Awards

First Place, 200 Euro/person: Team 3

Second Place, 100 Euro/person: Team 7

Third Place, 50 Euros/person: it's a tie between Team 2 and Team 1

It is the policy of TOTAL Romania to address positively all the efforts on safety. Even though next year it may get a different form, the spirit will remain the same: to improve safety and environmental protection at the workplace. Let's continue to count the days with a TRIR = 0 and without accident on the site for 3849 days as at 15th of December!

Mihaela Prisecaru

Manager SSMMC-DD