Together, we can help more!

Together, we can help more!


TOTAL Group gives great importance to the social environment in which it operates. TOTAL Romania is now on profit and would like to redirect a part of its income tax to social projects, as employees can redirect part of their income tax to an association.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report (available at illustrates the actions taken in some of the countries where TOTAL is present. In Romania, we can do more than ever before, especially because the social environment provides many social areas where we can help.

The tragic events at the night club Colectiv, where 62 young Romanians lost their life, or the terrorist attacks in Paris, the city of the TOTAL headquarter, where 130 people have been cruelly assassinated, touched all of us and made us think more about the people around us and how we can help victims or prevent the recurrence of these kinds of tragedies.

TOTAL Romania wants to coagulate these feelings and launch a campaign for its employees in order to collect funds for socio-humanitarian goals. It is proposed that, for any lei (local currency) donated by an employee, TOTAL Romania will donate 10 times the value of the employee contribution.

TOTAL Romania examines the possibility to use this donation to a more global project conducted by CCIFER, the Franco-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania (1). Beyond the mobilisation of people, associations and companies when the dramatic accident occurred last October, the project of CCIFER aims at contributing to the improvement of the urgency service in Romania. The objective is to gather sufficient funds from the members to invest in new equipment and CCIFER is already in contact with SMURD to identify where could be the most needed equipment. The project was launched and presented at the end of year staff meeting in December and we look forward to a good rate of participation.

Dorian Percec

General Secretary

(1)CCIFER is 500 members representing ~15% of Romanian GDP.