TOTAL Romania at Indagra

TOTAL Romania at Indagra

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As every year, TOTAL Romania attended Indagra, the largest international agriculture product and equipment fair in Romania. The event held late October in Romexpo, the Bucharest exposition centre,  has been the largest edition since the economic crisis. Under the sign of innovation and new trends in agriculture, Indagra 2015 attracted most of the actors in this field. TOTAL Romania was represented by two divisions: Lubricants and Special Fluids, with the full range of lubricants for agricultural machinery and special fluids for crop production. "We came in touch with potential customers, says Dănuț Davidoiu, Heavy Duty Sales Manager. “Partnerships have to be materialised."

Mihaela Filipescu

Consultant Technic and ANAC

Dănuț Davidoiu

Heavy Duty Sales Manager