Training of staff, a priority led by the group

Training of staff, a priority led by the group


TOTAL Romania is proud to have a vast training offer for its employees. Defensive driving, commercial, innovation, internal procedures... 2015 was quite diverse and 2016 sounds even more promising.

Emergency braking, skid control, eco driving: the defensive driving training which took place in early October was a real learning experience for the thirteen participants. We learned how to drive cautiously and anticipate other drivers’ behaviours in traffic, says Constantin Timpau, Area Sales Manager for Moldova. It was my first participation in this training and I found it particularly useful because I’m in traffic all day long.” Another 14 colleagues from TOTAL Romania and AS24 Romania participated in this training during November.

The defensive driving workshop is one example of training proposed by TOTAL Romania this year. In the past two years, all employees have benefited in one way or another by internal or online trainings.

“The training offer is built according to the number of requests we receive from employees, explains Dorian Percec, General Secretary. At the end of the year, individual assessments are made so that we understand the general needs. Then, depending on budget, we decide on the training program of the company for the next year.”

To meet the increasing demand, TOTAL is developing an E-learning virtual platform that allows online access to various trainings developed by internal professionals. These individual trainings are available in English or French.

Internal trainings also represent an important activity of our department. Codruţa Leonte, Legal Manager, has held a presentation for company managers on issues like purchasing procedures for buying goods and services. “The high added value of this training is on the long term, she says. Preparation of tender documents improved a lot after training.”

The roadmap we have been given by the Branch aims that 20% of our employees participate to innovation training and that all of them should at least be aware of the importance of innovation. This guideline also requires that all top managers from TOTAL Romania participate in at least one leadership training by 2017 and we are on track to achieve these goals in due time.

Dorian Percec

General Secretary