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Discover TOTAL ANAC products range

  • Tailored solutions for your business:

Agriculture yes yes yes   yes  
Aviation   yes        
Transport of freight yes yes     yes  
Trucks retailers yes yes     yes  
Urban transport yes yes yes yes yes  
Industry       yes yes yes
Inland marine yes yes        
Public works yes yes yes   yes  
  • TOTAL ANAC products range:

TOTAL ANAC PRO: a “flagship” product for you fleet of vehicles.
Using a data compensation system, TOTAL ANAC PRO is the solution offered to all fleet managers to accurately identify the wear condition of their vehicle driveline components.
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TOTAL ANAC EXPERT: a personalized oil expertise.
TOTAL ANAC EXPERT is an in-depth analysis, recommended for troubleshooting or monitoring equipment operating in harsh conditions. This expert tool provides answers about the source of a failure or about any specific question regarding lubricants in service.
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TOTAL ANAC VISIO: for all components in the transmission system excluding the engine.
Recommended for analysing hydraulic oils or transmissions oils, TOTAL ANAC VISIO is the guarantee of an accurate diagnostic tool. With a microscopic observation after filtration down to 5 microns, all debris are identified.
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TOTAL ANAC GAS: a diagnostic suited to industrial gas piston engines.
This analysis is made taking into account manufacturers’ recommendations for wear and lubricant specifications
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TOTAL ANAC INDUS: TOTAL's technical skills and knowledge at your disposal. At the heart of the INDUS system is a database including all characteristics specific to all TOTAL lubricants: use preventive rather than curative maintenance for optimal productivity of your equipment.
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TOTAL ANAC COOLANT: Coolants also have their own analysis.
TOTAL ANAC makes a diagnostic of your coolant enabling you to check its efficiency in protecting against corrosion and temperature.
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