Car industry in sight

Car industry in sight

industria automobila

The automotive industry has been one of the most profitable sectors of the Romanian economy in recent years, still with a high potential of growth. It was clearly identified during the LIB made in 2014 as a major strategic axis of development for industrial lubricants. Whereas the Lubrifin range is still suffering from a stiff competition on low cost products in indirect sales, the Industry team is concentrating all its efforts to develop the corporate range.

The most promising perspective is in the metal segment, which represents 15% of the volume of TOTAL industrial lubricants sold in Romania. In 2015, 200 MT were sold for this industry sector, an increase of 61% compared to the previous year. The Industry Sales Team’s efforts resulted in TOTAL winning important clients such as Bamarec (France), Trelleborg automotive (Sweden), Sirca (Romania), Willy Kreutz (Germany) or Eurocardan (Italy). 

Starting a partnership with the Râșnov Tools Factory was a great challenge for our Sales Department. Repeated tests carried out by technical departments and the good cooperation of the parties involved made it possible to identify the product that best suit the application requirements. Thus, all the equipments of the unit will be using TOTAL lubricants.

The Industry Sales Team now has an ambitious goal. TOTAL wants to become the supplier for most of the ACAROM members, a strong association of car and automotive parts manufacturers. The presence of the two manufacturing giants, Dacia and Ford, sees the development of more than 150 factories in related activities. “We aim to make ACAROM members an offer that stands out from the competition, an offer that covers the complete range of TOTAL lubricants, the ANAC monitoring oil operation services and the specialisation courses regarding the technology used to obtain the products we sell, explains Eugen Țuca, the Sales Industry Engineer. Moreover, ACAROM is an opinion leader in the Romanian industry and we want to associate our innovative and technological company image with it.” 

The evaluation of the association members began at the General Assembly meeting this year, where the complete TOTAL product range was presented. By then, TOTAL Romania had already established partnerships with three companies working in this industry. Until the end of the year, we intend to develop a sustained presentations and discussions programme 

Adrian RUSU
Industry Sales Regional Manager

Eugen ŢUCĂ
Industry Sales Engineer