The Collective Labour Agreement

Signing the Collective Labour Agreement 2016-2018

contract colectiv

TOTAL Romania’s employees have a new collective agreement starting the 14thof March. The document was signed for the next two years by company’s officials, Franck Haëttel and Dorian Percec, on the one hand, and the representatives of the employees, Marius Amir and Dragoș Curpănaru, on the other. The contract mostly retains the terms from the previous one signed in 2013, but was updated as required by the law and adapting the changes of the social laws in Romania. Several new clauses were introduced on the bitumen activity in Ozun, which became part of TOTAL Romania at the end of 2014, and in compliance with the provisions and principles of the TOTAL Group Code of Conduct. The collective labour agreement specifies the terms of the employers’ and employees’ rights and obligations, it includes internal regulations, the individual employment contract model and the number of leave days granted according to the seniority level. It also includes the afore-conducted negotiations and the rights acquired by the representatives of the employees since the company’s founding days.

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