Ozun, a more modern and efficient depot


We took over the operation of the depot at the end of 2014. With a new loading gantry and its own laboratory built in 2015, the Ozun depot can operate at full capacity.

The new loading gantry with two ramps was set up early in the season. Safer and more modern, it improves drastically the safety at loading. The loading gantry meets all the safety requirements, which was not the case with the old equipment. “The access staircase made climbing very difficult while the descending did not have adherent stairs, Cristian Angelescu added. What’s more, the roof was very low in height and taller people could easily hurt themselves.” Another great advantage is to improve the loading capacity. The two arms allow the simultaneous loading of two trucks, doubling the previous capacity. “Now, four trucks can depart from Ozun per hour, which means that the depot can operate at full capacity”, confirms Cristian Angelescu, the Bitumen Depot Manager. 

Another change was moving the bitumen laboratory from Cristian to Ozun. Starting the 1st of March, the samples taken from tanks or trains are checked on the spot. This means saving a lot of time and comfortable work for Alexander Bucşer, the Bitumen Quality Control Responsible. “On the way to Cristian, samples cool down and I wasted at least two hours to reheat them, says Alexander Bucşer. Now the sample is hot and only requires cooling for the analysis. Thereby, I can check up to 20 samples a day, which means an entire train, as opposed to a maximum of seven tank cars when I used to worked in Cristian.

This winter, Cristian Angelescu and Alexander Bucşer went to England for a four day training in TOTAL Preston bitumen plant. Cristian studied the production and process procedures and Alexander the quality department. “All the time, we were told that we had to reach the TOTAL standards, but we didn't know exactly what they were, says Cristian Angelescu who joined TOTAL Romania last year in the middle of the bitumen season. Now, I have seen how things work at TOTAL and I have a better idea of the direction we must follow in Ozun.

Bitumen Depot Manager

Alexander BUCŞER
Bitumen Quality Control Responsible