Our facebook page seen by experts

TOTAL Romania Facebook page, seen by three experts

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TOTAL Romania launched its Facebook page in February in order to initiate a relevant dialogue with existing and future customers. For 2016, our objective is to have around 30,000 fans and an engagement rate of 0.20%. What are the strengths of our Facebook page and how can it be improved? We asked three external experts for their opinion.

Marius Weber, Media Designer

“The videos that are already posted are really cool, especially since they deal with different topics, but always related to the automobile industry. However, they are too few. In my opinion, the pictures are not inviting enough for the fans to give a like or a share. Each post should be interactive or playful, and strike an emotional chord to attract the target audience. The page must also have more content and less advertising. It is more effective to take an article that talks about TOTAL oils or a ranking where the brand appears instead of publishing an ad.”

Iulian Comănescu, Media Analyst

“Two posts a day is a thing good as well as the fact that there is something visual about each of them. But poster like photos don't attract very much. It‘s better to use more videos. To increase the posts’ reach, fun stuff or several organised competitions, with prizes in goods, are preferred. If you simply look at the page, it’s unclear what TOTAL sells in Romania and where. Perhaps it should set locations. I would also talk more about these products and their advantages. Not necessarily through long posts, but as many as possible. Finally, I haven't seen references to the company's website, which is a shame.”

Adrian Popa, Editor-in-Chief Go4it.ro

“I think that, from time to time, fans should be invited to comment, by asking questions like: “What do you think?” or “How do you like this idea?”. For a greater reach, it is advisable to alternate the way you make the posts and the type of content published. For instance, today you post a link in the traditional way, tomorrow an image and a shortened URL, the day after tomorrow a video or a GIF etc. Facebook rewards content posted using all methods available on the platform. I think you could launch an interesting campaign like “Facts about”/“Did you know?”, with internal statistics (we produce X thousand lubricant cans every day in our Cristian plant), key historical moments, so that people know you are a company with tradition.”

Thanks to these external opinions, it represents good ideas and is well in line with our strategy for the development of this web page which is still at the beginning. Each of the remarks will be carefully considered together with our Paris colleagues”, reacted Luiza Popa, the Marketing and Communication Manager.