How did the augmentation of the production volume influence your work at the plant?

New production trend seen by employees

All the efforts our teams have done during the last months resulted in improving TOTAL's lubricants brand awareness in Romania and export activities. Consequently, the number of orders increased, as well as production volume at the plant. What does this change in your day to day activity? Here are the answers five of you gave to this question.
Simona Pascu
Stock responsible
“Production volume increased and we have to answer orders faster. Things were very slow before, since every product had to be registered in an Excel document manually – whereas now, due to the Wharehouse Management module, many operations became automatic. Although Export demand increased also, the quantity of work remains reasonable. I don't know what'll happen when the new packaging line will become operational.”
Ghiță Nastasă
Chemist operator for production and grease packaging
“In our department, these changes equal more physical work for the teams, especially at the packaging line where we manipulate very heavy barrels. After a working day, we are all very tired. But until now we enclosed all the ordering. We even helped the lubricant department when needed. We are six in our team, all of us powerful men. Just one thing is difficult: we work with very high temperatures and in the summer it is very hot in here.”
Ioan Constantinescu
Production operator and coordinator
“We noticed an acceleration of production rhythm, but we can handle it. Of course, it takes more effort and lots of attention. We'll see how things evolve in the future. For now, we can deal our orders.”
Diana Lungana
Production Planner
“Our daily operations were permanently multiplied and diversified during the last years. The most difficult was to deal with the new activity cadence since the production capacity remained unchanged. Our efforts were consequently focused on production optimisation and a better collaboration and anticipation of the demand with sales and supply departments. The respect of the production plan is also crucial.”
Iosif Antochi
Maintenance operator and Industrial boiler stocker
“Last year we worked during the weekend in order to repair the oil tanks without stopping the production process. This year, we do the same, for the same reasons, especially since the demand is growing. We also have new responsibilities such as sticking the carton boxes or turning on the additive tanks. There weren't any dysfunctions by now, so I consider we did our job properly.”