Cement industry: a challenge for our business development

Cement industry: a challenge for our development

Strong and modern, the Romanian cement industry represents an essential market for our development.
Romania has a long history with the cement industry, which began a hundred years ago. Further developed under the communist regime, it moved forward due to modern technology and a successful privatisation programme between 1995 and 1999. The most renowned names of the cement industry came to Romania: Lafarge, Holcim and Heidelberg bringing a high technological level to the Romanian cement factories. Nowadays, there are nine kilns with drying process in the country and four of them are preheated.
TOTAL's expertise in the field made us focus on this industrial segment as we developed a full range of lubricants dedicated to it. A global contract signed with Lafarge, in 2008, permitted TOTAL Romania to become its main lubricant provider. Following the announcement of the merger between Lafarge and Holcim, the new group obtained the approval of the European Commission on the condition to divest, among others, Lafarge Romania. The global supply contract came to an end last year, but thanks to a local contract finalised this year, we remain their supplier of lubricants.
With Holcim Romania, it took time to build a collaboration. At an international level, the Swiss group prefers our competitor Shell with whom they signed a global partnership. At a local level, we overcame this obstacle by systematic contacts and efforts based on a very clear plan. We are now proud to say that we started the supply of lubricants to two of the three Holcim factories in Romania. They adopted our top quality TOTAL Carter SH range for lubrication of the rotary kiln bearings, replacing synthetic lubricants range Shell Omala HD. The next challenge was to convince Holcim Romania to lubricate the rotary kiln crown and the cement mills with our products. We offered Copal OGL which is now used for the crown mills in Turda and the rotary kiln in Alesd. Technical services and periodic maintenance visits were the key to our success.
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