TOTAL Ozun depot, a new beginning

TOTAL Ozun depot, a new beginning at new standards

Industria Cimentului
After the acquisition of Ozun depot, end 2014, it is time to bring the depot to TOTAL standards. The estimated amount of investments for this year is about 600 k$.
Safety is the priority. A new loading gantry with two loading arms is being built with a net improvement in terms of Safety at operations, adding also higher flexibility and efficiency to the depot. In the past, we were able to load only one truck, one grade at a time. Now we’ll be able to load two different grades, in two trucks, at the same time, and keep the operator out of risk. Safety showers, new emergency switches, fire prevention, personnel training, but also the new sampling devices installed on the tanks complete the investments.
The installation of two weighbridges under the loading arms increases the speed of operations, doubling the loading capacity, up to 800 Mt/day, to be able to cope with peak season high demands.
Another objective is to minimise the cost of storage, by increasing the energetic efficiency, changing the insulation of the two main storage tanks and installing two heat exchangers able to boost the temperature of bitumen during loading by ~50°C. This way, the bitumen can be stored at lower temperature and, together with the change of the insulation materials from 100 mm to 200 mm thick, we shall decrease drastically our heating expenses.
CE marking of the products stored in Ozun is a priority. The installation of laboratory and defining a quality check system is part of our plan to offer good products and services to Romanian market. The depot has now opened for the season and we are planning a second trench of investments during the winter to upgrade the old tank farm of the depot and the level of automation.
Iulian GUȚU
Bitumen Manager