Improved SAT in Cristian plant to 14 day

Improved SAT in Cristian plant to 14 days

The implementation of a new packaging line at Cristian plant in July will significantly improve our SAT. The efforts we have made for the last six months, building safety stocks, has already shown results as compared to last semester of 2014.
The new packaging line will be parallel to the current one, so the space in this part of the plant has to be redesigned. A part of the warehouse will be used for the relocation of the drums’ filling line and a few shelves will be therefore dismantled. A free space will be taken for the reorganisation of forklift and pedestrian passageways, for safety reasons. “The route of the power supply, lubricant alimentation circuits and layout of the entire area will be reorganised in order to optimise the packaging process. By reusing the wagons loading station’s components, the cost of this relocation will be diminished”, said Gabriel Borsos, Production manager.
The new packaging line will be able to fill the 1, 4 and 5 litres packages, like the current one. This will ensure more flexibility in the packaging process. “The new acquisition has a higher level of performance and our staff will be trained to work on it. It takes four people to operate the packaging line”, added Bogdan Dumitrescu, Investments & Plant Upgrade Manager. All these facts have a positive influence on our SAT (Standard Availability Time), one of our past major problems in sales orders.
Some amelioration has already been recorded starting with the beginning of this year. By outsourcing all deliveries to direct customers in partnership with DB Schenker-Romtrans, we got more space in the plant and resized our stock of products in terms of volumes and diversity.
“We notice a constant improvement since January, and overall, 90% of the orders were available on time - with a remarkable 22.5% of orders being on stock at the moment of their entry. So these ones have zero SAT. Similarly, the SAT has been on a constant decline, with an average of just 11 calendar days in April - 35% of orders on stock with zero SAT, and even 10 calendar days for May”, explained Alexandru Ichim, the SPOC for exports.

Starting from August, when the new filling line will be operational, the objectives will be not to exceed 21 working days for any delivery and, on average, 10-14 days, but also to reduce our inventories which were maintained high due to previous bottleneck and, why not, outperforms our last year record in production volumes?!