TOTAL Romania seen from the inside

TOTAL Romania seen from the inside

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Each employee chooses to get involved in their job differently: it can be just professional or more than that.

Part of the TOTAL Romania team from the very beginning or hired more recently, five members of the staff described their relationship with the company and how they see TOTAL Romania in the future.

Bianca Popescu
Treasury manager

I have a long-standing relationship with TOTAL Romania as I’m one of its first employees. I had the pleasure to register the first material base and open the first folders. I can say we have grown a lot together ever since. Like in a family, we had to deal with the effects of the crisis after 2009 and overcame that period with hard work, loyalty and respect.

I am happy to discover something new in my job every day and there is one thing that reassures me: being part of TOTAL team, I know that no matter how hard the times would be, we’ll always keep our minds clear to find the right direction.

After ten years, I see TOTAL Romania as an important market player but also a well organised company with harmonised procedures and a good communication between internal departments. Considering the good economic trend in Romania, I anticipate a continuous development on the bitumen segment where we can contribute to our country's infrastructure construction. An opportunity also exists in special fluids division, where several key segments have been identified in Romania - the explosives industry, plant protection segment and adhesives industry.

Dorin Iucu
Area Sales Manager Timisoara

“I have been working with TOTAL Romania for nine years and I must admit that every year it gets better and we are learning from our mistakes. Before TOTAL, I used to sell high quality German appliances. Now I'm selling high quality car lubricants. I have to believe in the products I sell and I can say that where there is quality, the client always buys. My sales are growing every month and things will continue that way because there are more and more new cars and trucks on our roads that need premium lubricants. Moreover, we are the only providers for the Fuel Economy range, which gives us a certain advantage. So, in ten years, I see TOTAL as a leader on the lubricants market in Romania.

Simona Gavril
CS&SS coordinator

I started working with Lubrifin in 2002 and I must admit that 2004/2005 was the most difficult period I had to deal with, just before TOTAL came to Romania. I was part of the sales department, had very high targets and few sales at that time. With TOTAL, our department has been reconfigured. I got a new position - credit controller – that I had to learn and develop. Ever since, I have learnt to be a team player and share my knowledge with other people. My relationship with the customers, who are now the centre of our concerns and with whom I'm closer year after year, also had a positive evolution. I can say I had grown with TOTAL. And today, we are on the right track to achieving the objectives we had fixed on the roadmap: growing the brand awareness, investing more in social responsibility and being more economically powerful.

Vlad Girigan
Bitumen sales manager

My relationship with TOTAL began, indirectly, in 2005, long before I become part of this big family. And it actually started in a wrong way as the company shortened the time I spent with my mother. At the same time, I must admit that the way she described her job made me curious. You have probably guessed already that I am the second Girigan in TOTAL Romania, my mother being one of the employees that contributed to the development of the company in the country. She brought TOTAL’s spirit in our home, inspiring me as a teen with the many stories about the plant that she used to say at dinner. In ten years, I see TOTAL as a leader on the Romanian market. Regarding the bitumen activity, I would like to change the negative perception Romanians have on asphalt because the innovative products we provide today all over Europe have made our reputation.

Răzvan Pușcuță
Industry Regional Sales Manager

I have been working for TOTAL for almost five years and I feel a real support from the company in my daily activities. I used to work with companies who didn't give me the necessary tools in order to be convincing in the front of my clients. First, TOTAL has a complete industrial range of grease and lubricants, which is not the case for all our competitors. Second, I always had the technical support I needed and this is crucial for my job. Third, I have never worked with the stress of my hierarchy. My objectives for the future are to grow the market share of the brand on the industrial segment and to see a better brand awareness at all levels.