New TOTAL Quartz Robot movie broadcasted in Romania

New TOTAL Quartz Robot movie broadcasted in Romania

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TOTAL Quartz Robot got a facelift and appeared in a new spot filmed in Romania (cf. Romanian News of last December) that has been recently issued in its 3.0 version. It was the perfect opportunity to bring it in front of the Romanian public too. For the occasion, the memorable TV commercial has been broadcasted in prime time on the most relevant stations in the country. From our last report for usage and attitude survey, we selected a target of males, 18-45 years old, car owner, decision maker, urban and guest, who may personally be involved in the selection of the lubricant and its brand and get actively involved in the operation, with the help of a trusted mechanic or garage. Pro TV, the Romania's first generalist television channel was selected with other specialised channels like Eurosport, Discovery channel or AXN, where we are more likely to reach our target. The TV exposure covered the first month of summer, just before holidays. And the feedback we received from the media professionals proves we made the right bet.

Our Team
The credits for the 2015 Total Quartz campaign go to a new and motivated marketing, production and media team, with the participation of Havas Bucharest agency. As a fresh member of the team I would like to thank my colleagues from the Commercial Department who provided plenty of market information gathered during their vast experience with TOTAL Romania. In terms of results, we managed a very good reach that exceeded our initial expectations. Our spot has been broadcasted 4.500 times and the people from the buying target had the opportunity to see it 27 times throughout the entire campaign. Since TOTAL Quartz Robot will be back on stage soon, we expect even more good feedback from the market, and the first awareness statistics should arrive a few months later. Actually, we're now preparing another national campaign where TOTAL Quartz Robot will be the star again. It's a promotion that should be broadcasted on the radio and online during this fall in order to boost sales and provide follow-up.

Preliminary results
This campaign reached 1.7 million people and TOTAL Quartz Robot became a popular character in the country. We are proud of our results since the campaign received the label of TOTAL Best Practice, according to a ranking created by the Group which includes all the marketing campaigns made by the TOTAL affiliates worldwide.

Luiza Popa
Marketing & Communication Manager