A short history of TOTAL in Romania

A short history of TOTAL in Romania

The story of TOTAL in Romania began in 2005, when the company took the decision to invest in this 20 million people country situated in Eastern Europe. At the time, Romania was not a member of the European Union but TOTAL believed in its great economical and human potential. Ten years later, our position here proves we were right. Here's a brief history of our evolution in the country.

2005 – TOTAL signed a joint-venture with the Romanian lubricants company Lubrifin and began the activity in a freshly rebuilt new plant, located in Cristian, a little town near Brasov, with an oil production capacity of 30,000 tons per year. The origin of Lubrifin was the national lubricant company under communism. It was privatised in 1994. Considering the way it was built, the plant remains even today one of the most modern filling factories in Europe.

2007 – In the same location, a new grease plant was inaugurated. Built according to TOTAL international standards, it has an annual production capacity of 2,200 tons.

2009 – TOTAL started to export its production to neighbouring countries. As the local market was particularly hit by the crisis, this diversification was welcome to boost plant activity.

2011 – TOTAL started bitumen sales activity with direct deliveries from refineries abroad.

2012 –TOTAL Romania made an important step at the end of 2012, by submitting a contract to take over the activity of Rom Asfalt in bitumen, a company having a storage depot in Ozun. The depot has seven storage tanks with a total capacity of 4,500 tons and a connection to the rail enabling the receipt of full trains of hot bitumen. The contract started with the exclusive rent of the facilities and an option to acquire the Ozun depot after two years.

– TOTAL Romania started a special fluid activity and participated to tenders for the supply of refinery additives to the refinery industry in Romania.
In Cristian plant, end of 2012, TOTAL commissioned an extension of the warehouse and built two new 1000 MT storage tanks for base oils to debottleneck the plant in its storage capacity for an increasing production.

2014 – The growing potential of bitumen activities led TOTAL Romania to the decision to acquire the Ozun depot and welcoming in our organisation 18 new employees. Significant investments have been made one year later in order to bring it to TOTAL standards. We changed the insulation of the storage tanks and installed two heat exchangers; we upgraded fire fighting installations; we built a modern loading gantry with two weight-bridges under the loading arms to improve safety at loading. The loading capacity grew up to 800 Mt/day.

2015 – In order to face the growing demand on the internal market as well as for the export, a second and new filling line for small packages has been installed in the plant, debottlenecking the production for 1l, 4l and 5l cans. This year, about 55% of Cristian plant production will be sold outside Romania and the plant production will represent 2.5 times the production of 2009!