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A welcomed change: From Rom Asfalt to TOTAL Romania

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Six months after buying the Ozun bitumen depot, what are the main changes brought by TOTAL Romania, and how does the local staff integrate the new team? Interview with Livia Buzsi, Customer Service & Sales Support representative at the depot.

What are the main changes TOTAL Romania has brought to Ozun depot?

There have been some changes in terms of logistics at the depot and also in terms of organizational culture. First, the working conditions are better. At present, we are paid in due time, which is a significant change comparing to our former employer when we had to deal with important delays. At the same time, night or weekend working hours are paid as overtime. We are also entitled to meal tickets, which is totally new for us. I'd also like to mention the fact that safety is now considered a priority and we have received the protection equipment we needed for everyday activities.

How are these changes perceived by Ozun employees?

In a positive way, of course. They feel safer and can better focus on their tasks since they are no longer worried about being paid or not at the end of the month. Human relations have also improved. In terms of team dynamics, there haven’t been any significant changes because we had already been working together with our colleagues from the Cristian plant; during the last two years we had the chance to work together as service providers.

From your point of view, what are the opportunities for the Ozun depot?

I believe this acquisition is a big chance because the Ozun depot can increase its activity and improve its efficiency. It's also an opportunity for our technical and professional development. And this process has already begun. We are now working on the tanks isolation and the annual check has improved due to equipment we didn’t have before. Another opportunity for the team is the ability to diversify training and knowledge. I currently follow OSH courses (Occupational Health and Safety). And the firemen are specializing in performing water analysei.

Are there any regrets or new expectations?

This is the place where I learned all I know about bitumen. But during the last two years, we had faced many problems, which had a very bad influence on the working process. Now, we are on a positive trend and we are determined to look ahead. All the employees live this experience as a challenge and are proud to work for a well-known multinational company. So there’s no place for regrets.

Livia Buzsi

Customer Service & Sales Support at Ozun depot