Cost & Agility Program

Brasov production improved its empty packs supply

Cost & Agility Program

Following our requests, our main empty packs suppliers are now supplying the drums and cans on industrial pallets. The results are: no more wood waste since the pallets are reused to deliver to our clients, higher cost efficiency and safer operations at the plant.

The empty drums used to be delivered at the Cristian plant without pallets. This situation generated difficulties to our team, mainly concerning risk control during unloading drum operations. As for the cans, being supplied on Euro pallets, they had to be transferred on industrial ones for the final delivery. All the empty Euro pallets were consequently thrown away, causing important wood waste. In other situations, our suppliers also used returnable industrial pallets. But this solution required additional unloading logistics at the plant. Therefore, all these operations demanded more time, and involved more risks of accident and additional costs.

As a result, starting with January 2014, we decided to impose industrial pallets responding to the TOTAL specifications for drum supplying at the Cristian plant. This decision considerably reduced the risk of accidents and permitted safer manipulations for our team. In fact, the drums used to be taken out of the truck one by one and then stacked up to almost 3 metres height. There was a real danger they might fall on the workers during the operation. Also, each drum used to be wrapped into carton and this operation is no longer necessary. The duration of the loading and unloading operations has constantly been improved. Two hours are saved for each drum delivery and 20 tons of carton are also saved every year.

The same solution has been implemented starting with January 2015 for our plastic cans supplier. And the first significant result is that more cans fit on an industrial pallet, which means that we increased by 9% and up to 28% the quantity of cans transported in each truck. Another advantage is that now we can use the carton trays in which the cans are packed for customer deliveries. This is just an example of how minor changes can lead to great effects.

Bogdan Iancau

Cristian Plant Operational Manager