ENCO affiliates meeting in Brasov


An ENCO affiliate meeting took place in Brasov on 19th of February. The discussions were focused on the export activity and our capacity to meet the international demands in terms of delivery time and products availability. Our agenda also listed the forecast volumes for 2015 and the logistical problems we faced with. The debate was free and constructive. And we were proud to receive very good feedback. That encourages us to continue the efforts we are making on the exports management.

Another important purpose of this meeting was to strengthen relations between ENCO affiliates and the Romanian team, which we did. Here's a list of the participants: Asya Podiatcheva (TOTAL Vostok), Zoltan Miko (TOTAL Hungaria), Ansatasia Shapoval (TOTAL Ukraine), Maria Makri (TOTAL Hellas), Daniela Hristova and Vasil Markov (TOTAL Bulgaria). The previous ENCO affiliates meeting took place in September 2013 and, for many of our guests, it was their first time in Romania. We are now looking forward to receiving a delegation from TOTAL Serbia at the end of March.

Alexandru Ichim

Single point of contact for exports