National distribution

National distribution: report after seven months of activity

Distributie nationala TOTAL

TOTAL’s brand awareness keeps growing on the Romanian market since 2011, which means handling a larger network of clients and distributors. Our internal logistics department did its best to manage the situation, but starting with 2014, our delivery system urgently needed an update. Furthermore, the fast development of export sales led to the congestion of the warehouse on several occasions during the year.


The situation had to be improved. Therefore, the Customer Service and operations departments, in cooperation with the commercial one, decided to find new ways of working together starting with 2014. Outsourcing was the solution we've taken for all deliveries to direct customers. A contract has been signed at the middle of the last year with DB Schenker-Romtrans, the affiliate of a German leading logistic company in Europe and the number 1 forwarder in Romania. They provide us a storage depot located in Bucharest for packed produces and nationwide distribution.

What are the advantages of this collaboration? Firstly, we have resized our stock of products in terms of volumes and diversity, in order to offer a prompter delivery to our final customers. Last September, we relocated 840 pallets, meaning 540 MT to DB Schenker, which gradually increased to reach the target of about 1800 pallets. Secondly, we have widened, for the customer, the time interval for ordering from 11 am until 4 pm. And thirdly, we are ensuring a max. 24h delivery. So far, our logistics supplier delivered 99% of our orders the next day by 2 pm.

All these improvements have had a positive effect on sales, but have also led to an improved professional national distribution and stock management. At the same time, TOTAL Romania earned credibility and became a trustworthy supplier on the market.

In 2014, DB Schenker-Romtrans has processed 30% of our national sales for direct deliveries. The company has shown rigor, performed competently and proved flexibility when needed. The new storage warehouse made it possible to reduce our internal customers delivery SAT (Standard Availability Time) to maximum 48 hours.


Simona Gavril

Customer Service & Sales Support Coordinator

Razvan Puscuta

Industry Regional Sales Manager