Tips and tricks for optimizing Salsa software

Programul Salsa

Our colleagues Tassos Tzanos, from TOTAL Hellas, and Marzena Bartkowiak, from ENCO, came to Bucharest and spent a couple of days with our commercial sales team, showing us the benefits of Salsa usage in customer portfolio management. 

Salsa is a software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implemented by TOTAL Romania in 2013. This new tool for sales people storages the inputs regarding sales actions, including visit reports and prospection, and provides permanent updated reports about sales and outstanding payments. All this important data can be easily accessed on the field, thus helping our sales teams to save time in preparing, planning and monitoring the sales activities.

I believe a successful usage rate of a new software comes from a user friendly interface, the ease of access and the added value it offers for sales activities and customers portfolio management.

Understanding these issues, starting with last year, tablets have been distributed to our sales team, with direct and easier access to internet. Step by step, members of the team discovered the potential support for sales activities of Salsa and are now using it more efficiently.
Improving the utilization rate of the tool was also an important aim.

Therefore, an ENCO Team Play experience has been organized in Bucharest, based on sharing the best practices between colleagues of ENCO. They showed us many tips & tricks and benefits of using Salsa.

The Team Play experience was definitely useful in our aim to improve the Salsa usage rate by discovering its full potential.

Valentin Diaconu

Automotive Sales Manager