Who won the Citroën C4 Cactus?


Referring to the digital promotion campaign made at the end of last year online and already present in the last Romanian news, a young orthodox priest got lucky in our competition just before Christmas. Nicolae Lupsescu, 28, won the beautiful red Citroën-ul C4 Cactus. ''It was the first time I took part in a competition of this kind and I never thought I could actually win'', he told the organizers when receiving his car, and, joking, ''I sent a good word up there''. He also mentioned that he is a loyal TOTAL Lubricants customer because he used to have Peugeot cars. “I wanted to buy a car for my wife and I got a new one for free, thanks to TOTAL”. Indeed, it was a great Christmas present for his wife!

The event of handing the key of the Cactus took place on December the 19th at the Pipera Bucharest Citroën Showroom, where each of other 3 participants received a Nokia Lumia 930 mobile phone.,/p>

Mihaela Filipescu