4000 days without work accident

4000 days without work accidents

4000 days without work accident

TOTAL Romania celebrated 4000 days without any work accident on May 16th. In other terms, our company can proudly say it never had an accident ever since it arrived in Romania, in 2005. This score is due to the importance that TOTAL puts in safety measures, but also to the involvement of each employee. What does it mean for you to work in such a company how did you contribute to this record? Four members of our team answer this question.

Alexandru ZECA, Maintenance Technician, Brașov plant

“It's a great performance that we have reached this number of days without any accident. For me, the greatest risk arises when teams of external workers come to work with us. Even if they are well instructed by the SSMMC-DD department, problems may occur on site. Sometimes they work on Saturday and Sunday, when we have a limited supervision in the plant, and I'm responsible for them. I ensure their safety by ensuring that they comply with all safety rules.”

Marius AMIR, Regional Sales Manager

“4,000 days without any work accidents mean safety and reliability, two values of the group. For me, it also means a healthy work environment. I spend about 80% of my time in the car. The seats of the old vehicles were deteriorating rapidly and the driving position was unsuitable. I asked that the new cars be better equipped in this regard for which the company responded positively. It is also an important part of safety at work. I am always very careful in traffic, as far as both my car as well as the other drivers’ vehicles are concerned. I never respond to the haughtiness that other drivers might exhibit.”

Manole PASTOR, Stoker, Ozun depot

“I am proud to work for TOTAL. These 4,000 days without any accidents show that all the employees are well trained and serious. There are major differences in terms of safety and security compared to Romasfalt, the company that owned the Ozun depot before it was taken over by TOTAL Romania. I reported a few problems with the fuel buffer tank of the C2 boiler then, but no action was taken. Ever since TOTAL Romania has owned the depot, the fuel pump of the tank has been automated and an overflow sensor has been mounted to avoid possible spills. Whenever I report something, someone always comes to see what's going on and takes action to fix the non-compliance in a short amount of time.”

Andreea DOGARIU, Chemical Engineer, Brașov laboratory

“4,000 days without any accidents is an impressive figure. Everyone at TOTAL Romania took part in achieving this result, by respecting the company's priority on security and safety and by reporting dangers. The laboratory focuses a lot on this issue, by first applying the golden rules of the Group: proper use of protective equipment and compliance with the Safety guide. The communication and awareness of the dangers we might face, especially when handling reagents, have also played an important part in the continuous improvement of our safety and security measures. Ever since I have started working here, I have realised that the company understands our life is the most important thing.”