TOTAL Romania, an Euro 2016 supporter

TOTAL Romania, an Euro 2016 supporter

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Starting the 6th of June and for the following six weeks, 15,000 cans of TOTAL Quartz oil were sold with promotional gifts for football enthusiasts on the occasion of the European Football Championship in France.

The campaign products, t-shirts and puzzles, were highly appreciated by our customers and sold like hot cakes. During the campaign, our promotional spots were broadcast on three national radio stations and 13 television channels. The TV spot was broadcast over 3.480 times, half of which during prime-time. Normally, this premium positioning has a surcharge of 20% to 50% of the standard pricing. Thanks to the efforts of the Havas Media team, this supplementary cost was left aside and we managed to remain within our budget. Other campaign indicators also peaked: 78,9% of our targeted audience (men of the age between 25 and 50) watched the spot at least once and more than 62,6% watched it at least three times. The results returned +2% TRP’s obtained versus planned.

Magic FM (445 broadcasts), Rock FM (270 broadcasts) and Kiss FM (490 broadcasts) radio stations supported our campaign. The market value of the 1.205 radio broadcasts exceed 450k€, but we got an unbeatable discount thanks to the negotiations conducted a year ago by the Marketing and Communication Department.

The campaign was successful in supermarkets like Cora, Carrefour, Dedeman, Metro and Selgros, some of the retailers even giving us the opportunity to be featured in their promotional magazines or to display our products in privileged places. At the same time, the campaign was promoted by our partners and distributors, who were encouraged to present all of our products to their customers. Within two weeks, auto dealers our automotive distributors Augsburg, Bardi Auto and Liquid Technology Liquid bought trucks of promotional products thanks to the B2B mechanism, and 4,000 stores across the country participated in our campaign.

These results were possible due to the close collaboration between the Marketing and Communication, Production, Logistics and Commercial Departments and to our partners who supported us in carrying out our project: Havas Media (thanks to Răzvan Tugui, Iulia Paraschiv and their team), the MGSI Radio trust, Republika Interactive, Interbrand, Give Solutions, Dunapak and, last but not least, DB Schenker for the logistic part of the campaign.

Luiza POPA

Marketing and Communication Manager


Key Account Manager