Caterpillar in Romania, a new client!

Caterpillar in Romania, a new client!

Caterpillar in Romania

After three years of discussions, Eneria Romania, the Caterpillar Power Systems dealer, has become our client, this May. This is a true success story given that the Caterpillar group is a traditional client of our competitor ExxonMobil.

Patience and availability: these are the qualities our commercial team needed to convince Eneria to quit its traditional oil supplier and use our products. "Unexpected situations may arise at any moment and they generally need fast solutions. When they happen, you have to show your potential client that you can provide him with the best products and services", says Ionuț Matei, the Industry Regional Sales Manager.

After three years of discussions, he found a way for TOTAL’s products to prove interesting to Eneria. "Except for the Mobil 1 lubricants, they used a Castrol antifreeze. One day, the product was out of stock. I took advantage of the opportunity and offered an optimal delivery of our Coolelf antifreeze", says Ionuț Matei. Following two deliveries in May and June, the prerequisites for a long-term collaboration were established. We have already set by a buffer stock at our warehouse in Bucharest to ensure a maximum 24 hour delivery anywhere in the country. And we are now negotiating the use of our marine lubricants range Caprano and Disola. Eneria has also shown interest in our Nateria range of gas engine oils and ANAC GAS and COOLANT services.

Eneria provides and maintains more than 500 diesel and gas generator sets, natural gas or biogas power co-generation systems and engines for petroleum, railway, industrial and marine applications. "This new client is particularly important for our image, since nowhere else in the world has Caterpillar chosen TOTAL lubricants before", concludes Ionuț Matei. And our success story is only at the beginning.


Regional Industry Sales Manager