Goodbye Jean-Louis, Welcome Pierre!

Goodbye Jean-Louis, Welcome Pierre!

Jean-Louis Bonenfant (Goodbye Jean-Louis_ Welcome Pierre!)

General Manager of Global Businesses Lubricants for the automotive industry, Pierre Duhot will replace Jean-Louis Bonenfant as Zone Manager for Eastern Europe. The change marks the  reorganisation of the EUROPE division of the M&S.

Pierre Duhot (Goodbye Jean-Louis_ Welcome Pierre!) On the 4th and the 5th of July, Pierre Duhot travelled to Bucharest for our traditional pre-budget meeting with Jean-Louis Bonenfant, an occasion to get acquainted with our subsidiary. Although the time was too short to visit Brașov and Ozun as well, he is aware that TOTAL Romania plays a key role in the region, not only due to the Cristian plant, but also because the Ozun depot offers a significant growth potential on the local bitumen market.

“It's an interesting set because it is a multi-activity subsidiary that offers an important production capacity to the new TOTAL Eastern Europe zone”, he said.

Indeed, the group decided to change the organisation of the EUROPE division and divide ENCO joined by three other multi-specialities affiliates, namely UK, Spain and Turkey, in two areas: the Western and Eastern zones. Anna Whitehouse will lead the Western zone, Pierre Duhot the Eastern zone and they will report to Benoit Luc. The new Eastern Europe zone will include eight subsidiaries/hubs: Balkans, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. The Western Europe zone will encompass: UK, Spain, Nordic, Poland, Central Europe and Austria/Switzerland. “This new division is more logical in terms of management. It allows the manager to get closer to each branch”, Pierre pointed out.

Pierre Duhot has a rich international experience in the TOTAL Group. He started as a Lubricants Research Engineer at the R&D Laboratory. Then he became Regional Sales Manager in charge of Fuel Cards, before leaving for Brasil and later to Luxembourg as a General Manager of these two subsidiaries. Back to France, in Lyon, he took over a leading position of the Additives and Special Fuels Department. Starting 2013, he's been the General Manager of the Global Businesses Lubricants for the automotive industry, whose offices are based in Singapore.

“I cannot wait to spend more time in Romania, to meet the teams and understand the realities of TOTAL Romania. See you soon!”, he concluded.