TOTAL Survey 2015: our Strengths and Weaknesses

TOTAL Survey 2015: our Strengths and Weaknesses

TOTAL Survey 2015 our Strengths and Weaknesses

Security and working conditions are the two areas where TOTAL Romania excels compared to ENCO and M&S, according to the 2015 TOTAL Survey. Nevertheless, other domains need to progress.

92% of employees believe that they are safe at work, which places us above the ENCO average with 1% and above M&S with 2%. Working conditions and organisation are also a strong point for us, with 79% positive opinions, which means 6% more than the ENCO average and 11% more than M&S. To strengthen this satisfaction rate, in April, the STOP CARD programme became effective. More recently, in order to improve working conditions in open spaces, noise dividers were installed and the leaking roof of the Greases unit is under repair.

However, after analysing the answers to nearly 100 questions, we noticed that certain aspects need to be improved at TOTAL Romania. Communication and sharing of information seem to be our Achilles heel: we score 5 points below the ENCO average and 1 point below M&S. The presentation of career opportunities is another area where we can do better, both at TOTAL Romania and at ENCO. As a result, we defined an action plan in order to respond more closely to our employees’ expectations. Some of the actions we undertook have already been completed, others are in progress.

For a better communication and information exchange, two top and middle-management meetings are now held annually to disseminate better within the departments the strategy and orientations, newsletters like the one you are reading right now are constantly published to inform each department about the cross activity of the affiliate, and regular team meetings are organised. For more information about career opportunities, please access the Total Careers website, where you can create an account and apply to vacancies within the Group:

Overall, TOTAL Romania’s survey results were better in 2015 than in 2013 and are generally better than those of higher subsidiaries of ENCO or M&S. Decisions and action plans were discussed and decided in Management meeting. They are also coordinated and found similar to those established at ENCO or M&S, which shows that we can exchange good practices across the Group and learn from common experiences.

Further planned improvements will follow this positive trend, so let’s start implementing!


General Secretary

TOTAL Survey is an opinion instrument for our employees, used every two years and led by the Towers Watson company. Answers are submitted online and confidentiality is guaranteed. 88 Romanian employees responded, which represents a rate of 79 % of all employees in line with M&S participation rate.