MS Way, Thomas and Thor...

MS Way, Thomas and Thor...

Thomas si Thor

The now traditional bi-annual meeting of Total Romania’s managers and team leaders was held between the 24th and the 25th of August in Săcele, Brașov. It was a good opportunity to share relevant information within the company and communication was the key improvement area reported in the latest edition of Total Survey.

The strategic meeting started with each department head presenting their current activity achievements and immediate future goals. Afterwards, a seminar on MS Way was held, recalling the specific behaviours that help the TOTAL team work efficiently:

Think TOTAL, the Competition is Outside

Trust and Empower

Dare to say it ... respectfully

"Yes, and ... " instead of "Yes, but ..."

Do you need help? Ask for it!

Thanks to Thomas*, team members had the chance to discover more about themselves, gain a better understanding of their colleagues’ behaviour and learn to act as a team in order to achieve their common goals easily (while respecting the differences between team members).

The event developed in a relaxed, cheerful and dynamic manner. We worked together and learned new things about ourselves and the others. A brainstorming session was also held on topics of interest, generating valuable ideas and a possible start for nice and useful projects that will be implemented before the end of the year.

Several activities emerged following the workshop. Bogdan Dumitrescu, Cristian Angelescu, Iulian Guțu and Codruța Leonte will be in charge of creating a character named Thor that will represent the application of the MS Way behaviour across the group; Mihaela Prisecaru will collect the data needed to create a management matrix for Total Romania; Dorian Percec will collect everyone’s daily individual attributions for the implementation of the MS Way behaviours; Bianca Popescu and Diana Lungana will inspire everyone towards bringing these objectives to life!

The participants’ active involvement and positive feedback have convinced us that we are close to progress in terms of team cooperation, the MS Way spirit way – soon to spread across the company, through the power of example. Good luck!


General Secretary

*The Thomas test uses the Domination – Influence - Stability - Conformity model for behavioural assessment and is used by TOTAL, especially during the recruitment process.