An established strategy for Romania

An established strategy for Romania

Editorial Pierre Duhot

Dear all,

While 2016 promises to be a good year, I would first like to congratulate the entire TOTAL Romania team for its hard work and great achievements in the past years. The company is back on track with a solid foundation. These results are the fruit of a clear and efficient strategy, hard work and it is good to know that TOTAL can fully rely on its Romanian team.

For the past years, TOTAL Romania has consistently developed its market shares and profitability in the lubricants, the bitumen and export activities. The evolution coincides with the M&S road map and branch strategy. The Cristian plant and Ozun depot are now good assets for present and future sales developments in Romania and in the region.

These results were achieved thanks to a dedicated and professional team, under the leadership of Franck HAETTEL. Starting the 1st of December, Franck will be invested with new responsibilities in our M&S organization, back in the head-office.

I would like to express my warm thanks and gratitude for the work that has been done along the years, for building a strong team and an ambitious perspective for the future.

Given this context, on the 1st of December, Franck will be replaced by Marco PANNUNZIO, currently the General Manager of the Central Europe Hub.

Marco is already part of the M&S Europe team meaning that he is familiar with the objectives and our strategy for the region. We therefore consider that he meets all the requirements needed to continue the consolidation of TOTAL Romania’s profitability and results.

I wish him good luck and a successful start, knowing that he can fully rely on a great team.



Vice President Eastern Europe