A new approach for more road safety

A new approach for more road safety


We focus our efforts on increasing the safety of transport services based on a new approach, convinced that our partners can improve driving safety on the Romanian roads.

Two accidents involving our bitumen carrier trucks on the route to our customers occurred in April and July, and determined us to quickly adopt a new transport safety policy. The action started with the two sub-contractors involved in these accidents. Awareness meetings were held, attended by representatives of the two companies and TOTAL Romania and HSEQ specialists from the Group.

A more stringent commitment from our contractors with practical measures to health and safety at work, emergencies, environmental protection and quality is being drafted and will be implemented, at first, for the bitumen transport activities and subsequently extended to all the bulk products transport sub-contractors before the end of the year. We will further consider its implementation to all of our carriers. The commitment states that both the staff and the vehicles involved in providing services meet a set of safety requirements. It also involves a preliminary risk assessment, route approval, transport monitoring, the wear of personal protection equipment and an on board control of the ban on alcohol consumption, drugs, medicines or mobile phone use while driving.

Also, three of our major carriers are included in the "Contract Owners" program, which is part of the "Zero Fatal Accidents" Group policy. Each member of the management team is responsible for a single carrier and in charge of constantly communicating on work safety and health related issues with them, while also carrying out at least one safety visit per year. The second step we took was to establish a short and long-term action plan and an analysis of the internal resources needed to bring the established measures into effect. Sharing our internal safety policies with our partners means to operate safely and return home, to our families, soundly! All of us!

Safety for me, for you, for all!

Mihaela Prisecaru

Manager SSMMC-DD