Ready to start the TOTAL autumn campaign

Ready to start the TOTAL autumn campaign

Autumn campaign

Dedicated to online media, this year’s autumn campaign will mainly focus on Facebook and Google, and less on specialised websites, as it did in 2015. The campaign started October 10th and will end November 18th.

For the past three years, TOTAL Romania has implemented two marketing campaigns per year: one in spring, focusing exclusively on television, and the other one in autumn, dedicated to online media.

For this year’s fall campaign, some changes have been made compared to 2015. A significant percentage of the budget, 25%, will be dedicated to Facebook and Google, whereas specialised automotive websites will be granted a lower budget. As last year, the campaign will also target the most important radio stations with national coverage: Kiss FM, Magic FM and Rock FM. In store, the campaign will be signalled through posters and promotional labels at the points of sale. Our target remains the same: males, 18 to 50 years old.

“The total value of prizes is almost as high as last year and we expect the same results. One of the main differences is that the customer will be instantly rewarded with a 1 litre organic Glacelf Auto Supra Antifreeze for each promotional Total Quartz motor oil bought”, said Mihaela Mândrea-Muraru, Lubricant Commercial Director. Afterwards, consumers who choose to register their promotional code on our dedicated campaign webpage can win one of the six Playstation PS4s, fully equipped with console, seat, steering wheel and pedals, or one of the three Apple iPad Mini tablet or one of the three Apple iPhone 6S. “For our website users, we have prepared 200 Total Quartz cans that can be won by drawing lots, without any buying conditions”.

The big advantage of digital campaigns is that results are easily measurable: we almost instantly know how many people viewed the advertising. “However, reaching out to the most of our potential clients in online media remains a long-term process. Not all 45+ consumers are necessarily internet users, so the TV campaigns remain a must have for a highly performing marketing strategy”, concluded Mihaela Mândrea-Muraru.


Lubricant Commercial Director