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Environmental Management System

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Waste oils are divided into two categories:

  • Clean oils, home industries, low damage, which can be easily regenerated by a simple purification process (filtration and / or centrifugation)
  • Oils contaminated with metal particles and combustion compounds , from the lubrication of vehicle components working under severe thermal and mechanical conditions.

Neither of these two types of oil-soluble oils must not be confused with other fluids, emulsifiable vegetable oils or mixtures of water and hydrocarbons. The collection and deposit of those, the methods are different. Waste oil is a threat to the environment. Waste oils are not biodegradable and their exposure to the environment seriously affects ecosystem

1 liter of used oil pollute 1 million gallons of water


  • Disposal of waste oils in the environment
  • The use of waste oils against pests
  • The use of waste oils for protecting wood
  • The use of waste oils as fuel for heating

How to store oils?
You must have sealed devices for storing oils. These devices should facilitate collecting oil from cars.

How to collect waste oils?
• Where waste oils should be taught?
• An authorized recycling center
• An authorized collection center
• A final collector authorized

From one country to another, legislation on collecting used oil may be different.
Factors influencing legislation in this field: oil volume and working conditions.
You must contact your local distributor if you need further information.

How to reduce the volumes of waste oils?
Lubricant quality is largely influenced by the amount of regenerated oil that is found in its composition.
Given this, TOTAL Lubricants has developed high performance lubricating oils, providing extended drain intervals and a marked reduction in consumption.

What happens to the oils after collection?
Oils, after collection: Pure oils are recycled
Contaminated oils, mostly regenerate, burn in cement industry activities or in specialized centers (energy industry).

Did you know that:

  • Total Lubricants has developed lubricating oils that decrease the number of replacement intervals and significantly reduce oil consumption in the production process.
  • In normal conditions of use lubricants do not present special risks
  • Safety precautions to be taken when using lubricants. In normal conditions,. However, if not used properly or in case of accidents, lubricants can be a hazard to health.


  • ISO 90001:2000

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  • ISO 14001:2004

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  • OHSAS 18001

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