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Occupational health and safety system


Security measures to be taken when using lubricants.

Total Lubricants has developed lubricating oils that decrease the number of replacement intervals and significantly reduce oil consumption in the production process.
In normal conditions of use lubricants do not present special risks
Safety precautions to be taken when using lubricants in normal conditions. However, if not used properly or in case of accidents, lubricants can be a hazard to health.

Most lubricants have low toxicity, but the risks they are exposed to multiple users. The main areas of contact with oils and greases are the eyes and hands. Several processes can generate a fine mist of oil that can penetrate the airways.

To prevent or reduce the risk of accidents should be taken following precautions:

Skin contact
Abide by the rules of personal hygiene and the hygiene of the industrial environment:
Use gloves resistant to oil,
Wear clothes that will give an efficient protection,
Do not wear clothing contaminated with oil,
Do not use solvents, such as oil to remove the oil from your skin,
Use a protective cream.

Avoid inhaling vapors and fumes from oil. It is imperative to install effective ventilation systems on-site.
Acceptable limits of Zacharias of oil is 5 mg/cm3 or 1 mg/cm3 — the latter being the recommendation
I.N.R.S. (National Institute of research on safety).

Eyes contact with
It is recommended to wear safety glasses because it is possible to improscarea with oil. In case of accidental contact, rinse eyes with water for at least 15 minutes and contact a doctor if irritation persists.

Lubricants have low oral toxicity. In the case of ingesting, do not try to remove the lubricant but contact a doctor as soon as possible.


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